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Here is a little about why we created this site. Four years ago we were in a desperate search for childcare. Through a work colleague we connected with a small nanny agency and we decided to hire a nanny under the live-in caregiver program. As newcomers to the "nanny world", we had a lot to learn.

The agency was wonderful at helping us find and hire a nanny, but after that we were on our own. First there was the adjustment period of having someone move in with our family. Then there was the payroll to be dealt with. As a house with two children and two busy accounting professionals we did not have a lot of extra time to deal with payroll administration.

Hiring a nanny gave us more time with our children but added the stress of payroll calculations and handling payroll tax. We managed to workout a system, but knew there had to be a better, more efficient way to deal with it. We also knew that if two accountants struggled with payroll and meeting the deadlines, there must be other people out there experiencing the same issues.

Nanny Payroll Solutions.ca is our solution to the administration of payroll for nannies and other caregivers. Our goal was to automate as much of the payroll process as possible, to alleviate stress and leave more time for family.

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