Welcome to Nanny Payroll Solutions

We specialize in providing flexible payroll services that improve payroll management for nanny and other caregiver employers. 

We automate the time-consuming and confusing tasks of payroll administration so that you, the employer, can spend more time doing the things you like to do.


What we do...

Nanny Payroll Solutionís online payroll calculator takes care of your payroll processing details and data storage while allowing you to maintain control over the payment of wages to your employees. With Nanny Payroll Solutions it's all about convenience. Our secure on-line database allows you to access your current and historic payroll information anytime from anywhere.

We know what you are thinking...wouldn't it be great if a website automated the creation of confusing annual T4 slips and Record of Employment (ROE) forms...?
We agree, so we added that functionality.

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